Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Week as MBA Student

Assalam dan Salam Sejahtera...

After the registration process ended last week ( March 7 ) this week the lecture classes have began. For this Trimester I have already registered 3 subjects which is Managerial Economics (ME), Operational Behaviour (OB) and Accounting for Decision Making (ADM)..

For the first class that is ME the lecturer, Prof Mad Nasir gave us a warm welcome to the class for the subject introduction..I was late when attending to this class because of traffic jam..never mind 'cause I've finally arrived at the break time before the second session, then we have been given some sort of sneak preview of what we're gonna learn this upcoming 13th weeks of lecture including all the assessment that we will going through..not so bad for me where this class have similar with I've learned back in my Degree year ago..hehe~

Furthermore, I think I got more understanding on the subject rather than before where I thought it's really hard for me to understand what microeconomics and macroeconomics is about..?? now I know that there is two things for us to put in mind when learning economics which is how we manage the LIMITED RESOURCES and UNLIMITED WANTS...??!! now I got it..!!!hahHa~

The next day is OB class where the lecturer is kinda charismatic person and he also got Dato' title..huhu..he stold us to call him Dato' Zul or Dr Zul..and he's also have been worked in the government for quite some years ago then he decided to retired and jumped into education field to teach the MBA student at GSM..okay for this time I arrived sharp 6.30pm and quickly went to the office and took the textbook slip then rushing to the class..haha~ no traffic jam b'cause I took the Guthrie Highway instead the Duta' me..!!

At the class, Dr Zul asked all of us to do the weekly individual presentation about the topics in sighing in the face of others so me too..hehe...(penipu sangat..!!!) at that time I start to thinking which topic should I I want to be the earlier person to start the upcoming week or wait unti the last week of lecture..??? So am decided to take the challenge and be among the earliest people whom will gonna have a presentation starting next!!!

Lastly, Accounting class..i'am late about 15 min..hahaha...okay, NVM...the ice-breaking has already been started at the time I entered the class..luckily the lecturer are also quite friendly and funny person..he has PhD in accountancy for sure at the age of middle 30 something I guess..Even though accounting is not my favourite subject, honestly I'll do my hardest to love this subject starting from now on..haha..*Sighs*

Ok the learning most probably similar with my degree last time where we gonna do some Problem Based Learning (PBL) a.k.a case study..skimming annual report of two company and analysed it...then after the break he gave us some introduction about this subject and once in while he'll throw a joke about something and made us LOL....hoho~ i'am looking forward for tuis class because I would like to improve my accounting skill to be like a pro...hope so..okay laa...thats all from me about my first week as MBA Student at GSM, UPM...more stories frome along the way in becoming Postgraduate student after this..wait for it...!!!!

View from my seat..hehe~

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