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Saturday, December 18, 2010

MBA..sambung study lagi ker..???


Sambung Master..??? Tak penat ke study..??? Ape yg dikejor title Master tu..??? Itulah persoalan @ ekspresi yg timbul bile aku ckp nak amik MBA kat sesape pon yg menanye ape plan lps abes Degree..haha~

Actually, this is my own desire to get higher achievements in my own life by furthering my study until i get the 'DR' title..thats mean i will continue till the PhD level..!!

Not to mention, ini juga merupakan planning aku utk discover my own potential in bussiness world where this time i need to pull out a brand new idea to promote new retailing trends among the retailer via my research...chewahhh~

I have already submited my Master Application to Graduate School of Management, UPM last wednesday...hope my the will give me a good news in future..huhu~

For those yg memang minat retail industry maybe rasa this is really important bcoz not only we as retailler gain the benefit but also the customers..!!

Ok lah, cube korang bayangkan korang minat berniaga tapi korang tak tau nak start ( ni bagi yg minat meniaga kedai runcit ye..) so, kalau korang tau ade pihak @ syarikat yg offer korang jadi francaisi diorang mesti korang berminat kan sbb dah ada peluang depan mata then tak perlu perah otak fikir format dan marketing sbb francaisor da ade sume tu korang just tinggal run & modal je nak start this business right..???

Every human in this world have a desires and needs for them to fulfill, so this is the way to help yourself getting money..but you guys have to wait until my research finished la ye..heheh..kalau tak, hiw come you nak tau format ni berjaya @ tidak..??

So, in the nutshell, this is just some sort of my short briefing about the project that i will be doing when i start my Master study next year on march...am hoping you guys pray for my planning will be successful in future...thanx~~~

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