Sunday, May 25, 2008

Give Me 21 Candles Please~


I'm 21 now...!!! officially become an adult..young adult...huhu's have been a long journey for me as AZIZI FAKHRULLAH BIN ALIBASYAH to reached 21 years old of age since i was born...theres a lot of happiness & sadness thats i've been through whole of my life...but the journey is still have to keep going on..that's rite...
mungkin bagi orang lain, become an adults is nothing..but for me it is some sort of feeling which i couldn't describes..ianya seperti kita menjadi orang baru dalam dunia ni..
maturity is part of the subject for me to understand & learns ..kematangan kita akan dinilai pada peringkat ini..tak boleh lagi acting like a child in the past...peoples' expectation will change towards us..but we shouldn't change suddenly as we reach this level of age..but, aku rasa disini la tapaknya aku harus belajar tentukan hidup aku...beter or worst i've to do my best in everything i turning back to my past-life...i've to learn to let the past became the history of my life...and if any of wrongdoing that i've been done before, i hope it will not happening again in future..
have u heard this quote..."nasib seorang manusia xakan berubah selagi dia sendiri tidak mengubahnya.." i believes in, aku rasa aku perlu ubah hidup aku...bukan semuanya...aku xnak jd aku perlu berubah for my own sake..most people hated changes in their life...even tiny lil' changes will affect i've to think wisely about my decision..aku xkan buat sambil lewa..there is some part of me & my attitude need a changes in order for me to become a better person. maybe the result xkan nampak dlm masa terdekat, it takes time to adapt for sure.
Aaargh....!!!persetankan sume perasaan ini...rite now ape kate aku mulakan dengan bergumbira...hahaha...besides, all the fate have been written by HIM so, just face it naturally..huhu..just wait n see what happens next~

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